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Updated; May 29th 2020

Dutch Bike Tours keeps a close eye on developments related to coronavirus (COVID-19). We follow the information of the RIVM, the opinions of the Foreign Affairs and are in close contact with the ANVR (the trade association for travel companies in the Netherlands) and our local representatives. Some answers to frequently asked questions can be found below. 

Can I still go on holiday? 

We will operate our cycling trips in the Netherlands, starting on June 1st. 
From that time on, restaurants and museums will be open again, although with some restrictions to avoid large crowds and on reservation only. Shops ans hotels are currently already open. Face masks will  be mandatory in public transport. 
The situation in Belgium and France can be different, as each country has different rules, but we are hopefull these tours can also start again at the end of June or early July. 


If your cycling trip is cancelled by the operator before June 1st, we will offer you the option to book a new trip at a later date. You can choose from all trips of Dutch Biketours or Belgian Biketours with departure before the end of September 2021. More about this voucher at the end of this page.

Refunds not possible

We understand very well that you may prefer to return the paid travel sum. However, the circumstances are so exceptional that we have chosen an exceptional solution. This solution was drawn up in consultation with the trade association ANVR and the guarantee fund SGR guarantees the voucher.

I booked a trip with departures after June 1. Is my journey going on?

If you are willing and able to travel, then we can operate your cycling trip in the Netherlands. 
All our clients in June have been informed and given the choice to go ahead with their trip or change it to a later date. 
For boat & biketours the situation is a little different. The boat tours will operate again mid June. It is not possible to change the date of boat tours free of charge. For furher information on the boat trips, please contact us by email. 

My journey will go ahead, what do I have to take into account?

Even if your trip continues, life will be different than before, including your cycling holiday. The hotels, restaurants, museums and all other local businesses should take into account the measures that apply in the respective countries. Do I have to have a face mask, with how many people can I cycle together, can I have dinner at the hotel? All questions that can differ per month and destination. We try to inform you as best as we can about the measures at your destination in the travel documents. We recommend that you also prepare yourself well for your trip. What measures apply in the countries I will visit? It might be useful to reserve all the restaurants in advance. Or book half board. Do you have attractions that you would like to visit, check online whether you should already reserve an entrance ticket.
For more information, read our 'cycling in times of corona' page. 

I booked a trip for July or later. Can I cancel this one?

If there is a negative travel advice for the Netherlands within six weeks of departure, you will have the opportunity to book your trip to a later date in 2020 or 2021. The cost of any visas and vaccinations cannot be declared at Dutch Biketours. A travel and/or cancellation insurance may want to reimburse them. That varies by insurance. If you want to cancel while there is no negative travel advice, the regular Dutch Biketours cancellation conditions will apply. For boat & biketours the situation is a little different. It is not possible to change the date of boat tours free of charge and if you cancel, different cancellations costs apply then with our hotel tours. Please send us an email for further information about the boat tours. 

Who covers the cost when I get sick while traveling? 

Travellers who unexpectedly fall ill during their holidays can apply for their health insurance and travel insurance. 

I have booked a trip with departure after 1 June and my trip has not been canceled yet, do I already have to pay my balance?
We are able to operate trips in the Netherlands starting in June again. However, if it's uncertain yet if you are able to travel due to the restrictions of your government and the situation in your country and you want to wait, then you can postpone the deadline for the balance to 3 weeks before departure.

Corona Voucher: this is what you should know.

You have booked a package holiday with the SGR guarantee and your trip has been canceled by us before June 1st due to the corona virus, then you will be offered a voucher. This voucher allows you to rebook the canceled trip at a later time. What are the benefits? We are happy to explain!

Corona voucher? This is why!

If you cancel a package holiday, you will normally get your money back within 14 days. But the travel industry is going through a very tough time at the moment. Due to all cancellations, travel agencies are obliged to refund the travel sum to consumers. As a result, travel agents run into financial difficulties, potentially resulting in bankruptcy. To prevent this from happening, the Travel Guarantee Fund Foundation (SGR), in cooperation with the ANVR, has set up the corona voucher since 16 March 2020. 

Benefits of the corona voucher

With the corona voucher you can rebook the canceled trip at a later time. Curious about the other advantages of the voucher? Check it out below! 


The voucher is valid for the duration of one year. You must book a new trip before the expire date of the voucher. The trip itself can take place further in the future. So you do not have to travel within that year. 

Warranty coverage

Have you accepted the voucher and does the travel company run into financial problems? No worries! The credit of the voucher is covered by the Travel Guarantee Fund. In the event of bankruptcy of the travel organisation, you will receive the travel sum back from the guarantee fund (SGR).

Value voucher

The value of the voucher is equal to the amount you paid for your trip. If your trips has been canceled due to the corona virus and you have not yet fully paid the travel sum, you no longer have to pay the remaining payment. You will receive a voucher with the value of the paid travel sum. 

Book a trip with the corona voucher

Booking a new trip with the corona voucher and is it cheaper than the value of your voucher? Then you will get the difference back. Has the original holiday become more expensive, you pay the difference or you can book another trip for the same value as the voucher. 

Corona voucher? You can ask a refund later!

When you have the voucher and you do not want or cannot use it for personal reasons, you are entitled to a refund of the full value of the voucher. This is possible from 1 year after you accepted the voucher.

European Commission Directive: corona-voucher

The European Commission supports the travel industry's initiative to offer consumers a voucher when cancelling a package holiday. The Commission has prepared a directive with which the corona voucher must comply. For example, the Commission makes the condition that after accepting the corona voucher, you must be given the opportunity to request a refund if you do not ultimately want to use the voucher. The voucher must also offer you protection in the event of bankruptcy. The SGR and ANVR corona voucher already meets these conditions! 

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