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Grand Tour de l'IJsselmeer

...Dinner in Hoorn next to the Keizerskroon Hotel was wonderful for its variety of small dishes to sample.The hotel Jans and surrounding area were unique and lovely. The route along the canal ending in Kalenburg was gorgeous. The hotel staff at all the stays was welcoming and friendly... [...]

Du plus grand port d'Europe à la campagne hollandaise

...Intersting route from Schuddebeurs to Burgh-Hamsteede because of the storm barriers. All in all we were very satisfied...

Tour des onze villes frisonnes

...I think we also thought there would be opportunities to swim in the sea but the beaches we came to were not really right for swimming. I liked the towns of harlingam and dokkum and freneker where we stopped and enjoyed the planetarium. The route was good but not very varied and the distances manageable... [...]

Vacances à vélo Randonnées à vélo depuis Amsterdam - 5 jours

...We loved cycling through the Dutch countryside in the sunshine enjoying the peace and quiet. Every new village was a lovely surprise...

Entre sable et mer

...Global level was Ok (much easier than Paris-london we did with our luggage just before :-) ) One day was too short but it was easy to extend the route with Maps. Very nice bike trip...


...Great for kids - not disappointed with the distances, was perfect. Routes were great!... 

Villes et Lacs de la Frise

...Einige Touren waren für uns Freizeitradfahrer doch recht lang, sodass wenig Zeit für Besichtigungen der schönen Dörfer usw. blieb. Wir waren mit allen Hotels recht zufrieden. [...]

La route des Grands Fleuves

...Alles, betreffende mijn fietstocht, was prima geregeld. Over de bijgevoegde knooppuntenroute kan ik geen oordeel geven, aangezien ik mijn eigen routes heb bepaald. Een puntje van kritiek is dat bij 2 hotels geen diner verkrijgbaar was. [...]

Barrages, digues et dunes

...Boekje was uitstekend. De fietsknooppunten passen precies in de fietstas. De open fietsenstallingen stonden vol vaak vol met huurfietsen en andere fietsen. [...]

Tour de la Randstad (Métropole)

...All in all the holiday was great. Accommodation in Dordrecht was the best...

Amsterdam - Paris

...I just returned from our bike trip from Amsterdam to Paris, and I wanted to express my gratitude for all the work and support you provided through your company. It was an incredible experience and I had a LOT of fun. I would highly recommend you to anyone and hope to make another trip with you... [...]

Amsterdam - Paris

...Alle plaatsen waren een bezoekje waard. Fijn dat de hotels steeds op loopafstand van of in de stad lagen...

Grand Tour de l'IJsselmeer

...Huizen Nautisch Kwartier en WestCord Art Hotel in Amsterdam waren mooie hotels met airco. De route door de Weerribben vonden we geweldig mooi...

Amsterdam - Paris

...The route on the second to last day was exceptional. After riding through so many open fields, the forest was a nice change and the little medieval town was very pretty...

Amsterdam - Paris

...The ride from Amsterdam to Paris was totally trouble free. Dutch Bike Tours are to be congratulated on organizing such a good route...

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